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360° Sports Phone Wristband



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This wrist phone holder is a game changer; it is ideal for activities such as running, jogging, mountain climbing, riding, or even at home.

It's also a handy phone holder for regular use, especially whether you're shopping, driving, or carrying heavy items. It offers an easy-to-use design, with thin straps that do not cover the screen and a lengthy Velcro strap.

A breathable wrist strap, a key holding slot, and an earphone/cord winder are all included.

Compatible with all smartphones ranging in size from 4.0" to 6.7", including the Apple iPhone 12.


  • 360° Rotatable & Detachable - The swivel's 360° rotation allows you to check the screen from any angle. Slip and buckle, safe and stable, thanks to the unique U-groove and detachable design. Take your phone out effortlessly to answer a call, take photos, or play games, for example.
  • Sturdy and Secure - This bracelet fits phones ranging in size from 4 to 6.5 inches "screen with phone covers that are strong and stable High-quality soft non-slip silicon secures the phone to your wrist, preventing slippages or drops while jogging, exercising, climbing, or fishing. It will not fall out if you move quickly and forcefully.
  • Comfortable and Useful - This wristband is made of lightweight and breathable material, and it comes with a soft back pad that is comfortable to wear and carry all day. The fitness armband is extremely comfortable thanks to the adjustable, soft belt. Men and women with 5.5-11 "This can be worn on the wrists while doing any type of workout.
  • Key Pockets and Earphone Holder - This wristband features unique key pockets and earphone holder designs, allowing you to carry your keys and earbuds with you at all times.

Package includes:

  • 1 x 360° Sports Phone Wristband

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John Cook

I had so much on my hands and noticed this one on a coworker. He told me about this stuff. After a few days of use, it feels good on my wrist. It helped me a lot not having to worry about the device.



Lee Tolbert

My daily walk is 3-5 miles. With no pockets and loose bottoms, I find it difficult to clip my phone on during the hot months. The armband holders are quite uncomfortable and slip. Then I found this. It's not hot or scratchy, and it stays put. It's also easier to use than an armband. It was like a dream come true. Wish I'd found it sooner. I'm out exercising and my phone is protected. I've seen it everywhere (otherwise people will think I'm goofy).



Earl Cline

I go for a walk with my phone. Keeping it in my pocket caused butt dialing and skips. I didn't want a phone band on my arm because I wanted to use the screen. This band works for me. If I'm not in direct sunlight, I can quickly change my music/podcasts. That's not a band issue. The strap is comfortable and secure. The phone straps work OK for me, but I wouldn't recommend them for a runner or any other severe exerciser. That's why I took one away. I like the goods and the merchants.



Steven Johnson

Easy access to the phone's screen, controls, and ports without removing the wristband. The phone holder's back is soft touch and vented for better air circulation and moisture wicking. Enjoy a cool and comfy fit. Exceptional comfort when exercising in warmer weather. The arm straps are flexible and secure.



David Fitzgerald

I dislike arm bands, so this bracelet was ideal. During the week, I walked 6 miles, ran 2 miles twice, and cycled every other weekend. I was scared it wouldn't hold up to all my sweating and exercise, but it has! Stylish and long-lasting. It's almost perfect. It's safe, comfy, and rotates. The only disadvantage is that there is no protective case to keep your phone dry in rainy conditions. Finally, I have an old iPhone 7 that fits snugly. Nowadays' phones are bigger, thus it should fit snugly. This product has been a pleasure to use.